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The Building Society
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Origin Workspace
40 Berkeley Square

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Pulse Consult Developments Limited


Building on our years of experience, our recently launched Pulse Consult Developments Ltd (PDL) business will support the growing need for good quality residential housing of all tenures in the UK, acting as a trusted, key liaison in identifying potential sites and working with stakeholders to deliver those all-important housing projects.

PDL will act as an enabler of housing through brokering land and development projects for registered providers and real estate investors, managing scheme progression for developers, and bridging private and public sector opportunity.

There is an urgent need for good quality, affordable homes in the UK and our work with landowners, developers / investors, RPs and contractors will boost the delivery of housing projects in a direct response to the UK’s housing shortage crisis.

We know there is a huge demand for good-quality housing in order to reach the government’s ambitious housing targets. However, thanks to our extensive experience in delivering complex housing developments, we are able to support this mission as we fully understand the challenges that can be faced on all projects from small in-fill sites to estate-wide regeneration initiatives.

It’s absolutely crucial that all project stakeholders work together collaboratively to ensure schemes are delivered on time and budget. Led by a former registered provider development director, PDL is the vital link between providers, contractors and developers, to deliver the project  that will ensure a smooth progression from start to finish.

PDL is an extension of our innovative and quality service, honed over many years. By cutting through the clutter and jargon, we will bring a clear purpose to residential housing projects, helping all involved to achieve their aims in a creative, seamless, and cost-effective way.

From identifying and securing residential development sites, supporting landowners to de-risk sites, gaining planning permission and procuring construction partners to deliver the project, we can support you with consultative expert advice every step of the way.

Development partnership management service

Our specialist development partnership management service will enable you to achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders, acting as an intermediary between landowners, contractors and registered providers or, as development managers that will drive the project forward. 

Through our active engagement with the land & construction market, PDL will bring forward land and construction packages, presenting the best possible solution to investors in housing  Our services include:

  • Land & investment appraisal

  • Securing land for residential development

  • Land Management

  • Design progression

  • Planning progression

  • S.106 negotiation

  • Construction procurement

  • Due diligence

  • Disposing of sites to housing investors / RPs, developers

  • Managing the interface between landowner / contractor / end-user


Section 106 brokerage service

Utilising our strong long-lasting relationships with developers & housebuilders across London and the Midlands, PDL can act on your behalf to secure the best value for Section 106 planning gain, by acting as the intermediary between parties to manage due diligence and contracting processes resulting in a positive & timely exchange.


Land and construction packages

At PDL, we aim to support the investment in market-led and affordable housing by working with landowners and construction partners to bring sites to market, removing barriers to delivery, and ensuring projects can be delivered.

We support Registered Providers and housing investors to identify sites, manage due diligence, lead on design & planning progression, and support the procurement of construction partners that will achieve best value and maximise opportunity for all stakeholders.

PDL’s full package offering can support both registered providers and local authorities through what can often be a complex and stressful build process. Our team of experts can offer support with everything from identifying suitable sites, managing the due diligence process, procuring construction partners and bringing forward individual sites in isolation or as part of a wider Development Agreement.

Contractors and landowners can also benefit from our full-service package, through the support of our highly skilled team they will have access to our strong registered provider network and the variety of land opportunities within our portfolio.

To speak to someone within our PDL team, please email
or call 07949 703 387

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