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Vaccines Launch Facility wins 2 categories at the IPSE Facility of the Year Awards

Recently, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) honored Janssen Biologics with the 2022 Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) in two categories! The annual program from IPSE recognises state-of-the-art projects utilsing new, innovative technologies to improve product quality, reduce medicine production costs, and demonstrate advances in project delivery.

In the category Project Execution, the FOYA award is a recognition for the team accomplishment of designing and building the new 25.000-square-foot, sterile manufacturing facility, and securing approval for commercial production of our vaccine within the ambitious timeframe of 12 months. In challenging COVID times, the project showed flawless collaboration with all stakeholders involved, and even delivering sustainable benefits to the community and the planet.

The award in the category Social Impact recognizes our socially responsible reaction to an urgent public health need. By executing this project in record time, even with additional Covid compliance measures implemented, we provided our single-shot COVID-19 vaccine on a non-profit basis to resolve unmet medical needs during the pandemic.

The leadership team at Janssen said: “As a team, we can be incredibly proud, as this again shows how we remain a leading innovative company in delivering manufacturing services. We are looking forward to continuing our efforts by expanding our manufacturing services and making an impact on lives around the world, today and tomorrow”.

Project information

To provide the world with single-shot COVID vaccines, the J&J production capacity needed to be increased. To address unmet medical needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) committed to making its COVID-19 vaccine available on a not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use. To provide the world with single-shot COVID vaccines, the J&J production capacity needed to be increased.

This program included capacity increases to the entire logistics and production including raw material warehousing, media and buffer prep, QC laboratory testing, and cold chain/freezer capacity.

The constrained timeline for construction of the VLF expansion was one of the requisites for J&J to meet their COVID-19 vaccine supply commitment and necessitated an enhanced fast track project execution approach to design and build a new modular facility within a time frame of nine (9) months and to secure regulatory approval for the initial commercial batches in twelve (12) months.

Pulse services included:

Integrated Project Schedule

Schedule Management, progress updates/coordination between A/E, CM, Qualification, Operations; detailed progress reporting; Schedule Risk Assessments


Estimate Validation, Estimating, Cost Reporting, Includes total project cost forecasting and trending, scope change management/reporting, cash flow tracking/reporting/ Savings capture, Payment Application Reviews

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